Paris – BEA

22 01 2019 – Flight from Dusseldorf AD (Germany) to Paris-Le Bourget AD.

“Just after wheel touchdown, 800 metres before the displaced threshold, the aeroplane slid and travelled to the left during the landing run. It left the runway 400 metres after the beginning of the runway and ran 400 metres over the grass before coming to a halt 50 metres from the runway edge.
The pilot resumed taxiing in the grass and came back onto the runway just before taxiway “B1”. He taxied to his parking spot “Hotel 5” under his own power accompanied by the ARFF.”

Weather reported about the time of the incident (1710Z):
LFPB 221700Z AUTO 17006KT 6000 OVC007 02/01 Q1003 BECMG 4000 BR
LFPB 221800Z AUTO 19010KT 7000 OVC006 02/00 Q1002 NOSIG