39 km (24.4 mls) NNW of Sharana FOB – Afghanistan – 27 JANUARY 2020

At 1309 hours local (L), the mishap aircraft (MA), an E-11A, T/N 11-9358, unsuccessfully attempted landing in Ghazni Province, AFG after encountering a catastrophic left engine failure, and the mishap crew (MC) causing a dual engine out emergency after shutting down the operable right engine. Preponderance of the evidence that the cause of the mishap was the MC’s error in analyzing which engine had catastrophically failed (left engine). This error resulted in the MC’s decision to shutdown the operable right engine creating a dual engine out emergency.

Source https://www.afjag.af.mil/Portals/77/AIB-Reports/2020/27%20Jan%202020%20-%20ACC%20-%20Bagram%20Airfield%20-%20E-11%20-%20AIB%20Narrative.pdf