22 May 2020 – Birmingham Airport – at 1258 hrs UTC

In windy conditions the crew of SE-MAO performed a go-around from their first approach
to Runway 33 at Birmingham Airport. On the second approach the aircraft departed the
runway to the left after touching down. The crew had not applied or maintained into-wind
aileron during the landing or landing roll and, despite the application of full rudder, could not
keep the aircraft on the runway. The aircraft was off the paved surface for approximately
450 m.

There was no damage to the aircraft or the airfield, and the crew were uninjured.

It is likely that the crew’s inexperience of landing in strong crosswinds contributed to the misalignment at touchdown. It is likely this application of right aileron was as a result of an inappropriate motor programme to steer the aircraft right.

Following this incident, Safety Action was taken by the operator to introduce a crosswind
limit for new co-pilots, and to include crosswind landing training in simulator sessions.

Source https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/6037ba98d3bf7f039403e904/BAe_ATP_SE-MAO_04-21.pdf