Santo Domingo-Las Américas International Airport (SDQ) – 15 December 2021

A Gulfstream G-IVSP, registration HI1050, was destroyed while attempting an emergency landing.

The aircraft arrived at Higuero/La Isabela-Dr. Joaquín Balaguer Airport the day of the accident. After maintenance – about three hours to the actuators of the ground spoilers on the right wing – the aircraft was towed to the apron for the following flight.
Before the flight the flight crew did the flight controls check and the spoilers on both wings were extended but only the left wing spoilers retracted again. The aircraft was seen taxing with the right wing spoilers extended. After the take off, with flight control problems, the flight crew declared an emergency and decided to divert to Las Américas International Airport. On final for runway 35 the aircraft hit trees and then the terrain.

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