Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG/LFPG) – 23 May 2022 – 11:32

An Airbus A320-233 (9H-EMU) approach to runway 27R. The lateral guidance in this RNP approach relied on satellite (GNSS) positioning. Vertical guidance was based on the aircraft barometric altitude.

The controller at CDG/LFPG twice reported the QNH altimeter pressure setting to be 1011 hpa instead of 1001 hpa.
The controller also reported this incorrect setting to an easyJet flight, but that crew read back the correct value (1001).

During the approach the ground Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW) was then triggered and the controller radioed the crew.
The two pilots stated that they did not hear any radio-altimeter Auto-Callouts other than the callouts at 2,500 ft and 1,000 ft.
However, the crew initiated a go-around. The minimum radio-altimeter height was recorded at 6 ft above the ground, at 0.8 NM from the runway threshold.

A second approach was flown based on the same erroneous QNH, again resulting in an MSAW warning with ATC. This time the flight crew were able to see the runway and PAPI’s, corrected the flight path on final and then landed without further incident.
The crew stated that this time they had visual contact with the runway well above the minima. They described the PAPI lights as follows, “One white, one pink, and two reds. Maybe three reds but not four.”

ATIS Q used by the flight crew when preparing the approach:
transition level 70, wind 280 / 10 kt, visibility 10 km,
broken clouds at 1,500 ft, few cumulonimbus (CB) at 5,000 ft, temperature 19 °C, dew point 14 °C,
QNH 1001.

LFPG 231100Z 25008KT 9999 SHRA SCT016 BKN028 19/14 Q1001 TEMPO 3500 SHRA SCT060CB
LFPG 231200Z 29010KT 5000 SHRA FEW010 BKN015 BKN028 FEW050CB 16/15 Q1001 TEMPO 3500 SHRA SCT060CB